You'll get yours for this, boy
Victor Creed is my motherfuckin' psychotic pussycat

#p2梗自Sabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive

Things always gets easier when you know what you're doing. Like, smashing the runt's face could be a quite joyful moment if you just keep thinkin' what a fuckin' dumbass prick he is.
You wanna' know something about Logan? Sure. I mean, he has that“please look at me I'm a fucking brain-damaged hypocritical sad idiot who eagerly want his memory back and please kick my ass” face. By someone like me, of course.
No offense, but just listening to his desperate pussy-like talk's gonna' make me horselaugh.
You ask me why I'm here? Damn straight, I'm waitin'. What if he doesn't come? Nah-nah, he always keeps our little engagement. You see, he's already here… I can smell his stink from miles away.
What's up, runt? You don't look so good. Com'on, have a drink, tell me about the present. You know, you always have a terrible fashion taste. Dark red suits her better.
Woah, woah, you don't have to do this, Logan. Why in such a hurry? We both know the only one here whose gonna' get ass-whupped is you.
See, the puppy's angry. I always love those cute little claws, you don't know.
You should be glad that he doesn't have a crush on you, Missy, otherwise you won't be here to hear me talk. Better get lost, sweet lady, 'cause we're gonna' smash this whole place in a few seconds.
The night is young, midget. Wanna' see some steaming guts?
I'm starving.

He's lyin' on that cold hard ground, limbs all twisted, bleeding and whining like a goddamn pig.
“Be quiet, ” I said. He didn't stop making that awful noise even when I walked over to him. That's not helpful. Bonnie's sleeping down stairs, I don't want her to be interrupted by this… this sneaky little scum.
By the time I closed the door, I saw Ruth standing on the other end of the corridor. I nodded at her. Ruth's a clever woman, always knows what to do and what should be done-- she'll take care of Bonnie.
“Rise an' shine, trash. Now it's only you an' me. ” I stared at him, thinking about Bonnie. Fuckin' bastard scratched her face. A little bit, but still annoying. She ain't got no healing factor, maybe that'll become a scar or somethin. Who knows.
I knew I supposed to soften my touch a little bit, since he's the prisoner, and I want something from him. If he dies, unfortunately, then I'll have to go outside and ask a fairy about those documents.
But I'm not gonna' think about that. Being nice to a cunt who cut Bonnie? Not my style.
Plus, I always get what I want, especially when I'm using my claws.
“Let me make this clear. Yer' gonna' tell me why you shitheads want Bonnie, then I'll give you a quick death for ruining my woman's face. If you cooperate, of course. ”
He's brave enough to spat the blood right to my face. “Ain't you being too optimistic? ”
“Oh come on, boy. I'm not bein' positive. I am positive. ”I stepped on his right shoulder, hearing a loud, pig-like scream. “You better shut yer' filthy mouth, soldier. Or I'm gonna' slice yer' throat myself. ”
I leaned over to see if he's still conscious. He's tough, I had to admit, but that makes no difference.
So I cracked his arm and then smashed his left shoulder. Oops.
The scene's really satisfying. I tipped him on the chest, dug my claws into his shivering flesh. “You see… I did leave some scratches. You ain't totally invulnerable. And that makes me wonder… given some time, and some determination-- ” He's already healing. Fuckin' mindless dead zombie. I twisted his leg, just in case.
“--just how much damage I can do. ”


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