You'll get yours for this, boy
Victor Creed is my motherfuckin' psychotic pussycat

“I want'a see yer' ass naked, ” she said, crawled up into my bed with the voice of a rutting cat.

“You got a real dirty mind there, my lady. ” I held my breath when I saw her opened herself up to me. Through the slit on her belly I saw a thousand pairs of eyes and three little monkey, where they played with her heart, covered in acid.

“They're cute, don't they? ” She chuckled softly, then whistled a piece of melody which I couldn't recognize. I watched, in surprise, as the monkeys jumped up and down, used her guts to weave a bowknot for me. “My daddy gave them to me on my 4400th birthday. ”

“Wow. ”I reached out tried to touch them, but she suddenly fastened her hand and closed her chest.

Her body is like a treasure.

“Don't be disappointed, ” she comforted me, “they'll tear off yer' eyes if you dare. Plus, I don't want you to be distracted by these little fuckers when I'm talkin' to you. ”

She's a demon with a sweet Southern belle's face. What's not to love? I kissed her, felt those small tentacles trusted into my throat, draining my blood.

“Let's get down to business. ”

I've never experienced anything like that before. She lifted me up, wrapped her whole flesh around me when I came, and finally I reached my pillow.

“I wanna' know how it makes you feel, ” she pulled up the blanket to cover her breast, giggled like a little girl. “ 'bout making love with the Devil's daughter. ”

I coughed her gore out of my mouth, leaned over for another kiss.

I whispered, neither to Christ nor to the father above, only to her, my wicked princess.

“Damned. ”


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